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World Bank Open Data

World Bank Open Data

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Contains data from over 220 countries and country groups covering more than 2,000 financial, business, health, economic and human development statistics. The data include social, economic, financial, natural resources, infrastructure, governance, partnership, and environmental indicators found in the following sources:

  • World Development Indicators
  • Global Development Finance
  • Africa Development Indicators
  • Global Economic Monitor
  • Education Statistics
  • Health Nutrition and Population Statistics
  • Gender Statistics
  • Doing Business Database
  • Actionable Governance Indicators
  • Joint External Data Hub (JEDH)
  • Logistics Performance Index (LPI)
  • Quarterly External Debt Statistics (QEDS/SDDS/GDDS)
  • GEM Commodities
  • Global Consumption Database

Finance indicators include external debt stocks and flows, major economic aggregates, and key debt ratios as well as average terms of new commitments, currency composition of long-term debt, debt restructuring, and scheduled debt service projections. Business data covers 183 economies and ranks countries on 10 sets of indicators on the ease of doing business. Also tracks external debt data and selected foreign assets from international creditor/market and national debtor sources. Data can be used to monitor development programs and aid flows in regions, as well as to track economic and social developments occurring in particular areas of the world. Many data indicators are also translated into French, Spanish and Arabic.